Over the years a number of Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers have gone on to attain the highest level of achievement for the their age group, and thier names are listed in the Honour Roll for the various sections.

Cub Scouts

Grey Wolf Award

The Grey Wolf Award is the highest award a Cub Scouts cn achieve. Cubs work towards the Grey Wolf Award throughout thier time spent with Cubs.

Grey Wolf Award


Date Awarded Recipient
2015 Daniel Robinson
  Eric McCauley
  Thomas Pitson
  Xanib Bleakley
2014 Rory Brennan
  Jasper Dew
2013 Thomas Carrig
  Matiss Lusis
  Akacia Vanmali
2012 Rubi Hurley
  Thomas Woodcock
2011 Taneesha Stallbaum
2010 Catherine Speck
  Aishani Mosquera
  Celia Gilson
  Madison Hurley
  Kathryn Morris
2008 Ian Begg
2007 Jared Vanmali
2006 Stuart Twiss


Yellow Cord Award

Until 2005, the Yellow Cord Award was the highest award available to Cub Scouts. The Yellow Cord Award was replaced by the Grey Wolf Award.



Date Awarded Recipient
2005 Adam Begg
  Erika Belchamber
  Gemma Jurjevic
2004 Nicholas Banks
  Jaiden Vanmali
2003 Andrew Leonforte
2002 Sophie Bruce
  Jack Caddy
  Joshua Driver
  Bill Hagger
  Zach Hanzalik
  James Livingston
  Haneen Martin
  James Metcalfe
  Mitchell Pascoe
  Bonnie Poulter
  Tom Schoeman
  Erin Strong
  Andrew Turner
  Maryanne Williams
2001 Michael Gratton
2000 Heather Bruer
  Christopher McMichael
  Jonathon Bartsch
1999 Tom Freckelton
  Brett Graham
1998 Sam James
  David Barnes
  Julian Marchant
  Sam Venn
  Miles Bartley