General Information

These notes are a general introduction to the funding and administration arrangements used to keep the Beaumont Scout Group running as effectively as it does. If you have any specific questions, you should refer to the contacts details provided below.


Fees and Charges

Registration - This is an annual fee levied by the Association against all members and Leaders in the organization. This payment ensures that children and Leaders are protected under the Association’s duty of care and insurance arrangements.

Membership Fees – Your membership fees are managed by the Group’s Parent Committee under advice from our Section Leaders and our Group Leader.   These funds are used within the Group for :


  • Hall Maintenance & Development
  • Minor Activity Costs
  • Utilities
  • Books and Badges
  • Equipment Repairs & Replacements
  • Leader Training


Activity Costs – For some activities, a fee is charged to those who attend, e.g. camp food & transport.   Full payment should be given to the organising Leader with the consent form – or as instructed.

Donations - Voluntary donations to the Scout Association are tax deductible.   All funds donated to the Beaumont Group are used to the benefit of Beaumont Group members.   If you wish to make a donation, envelopes are available in the hall. A receipt will be provided. ( Note : Membership fees are not tax deductible ).

Fund Raising – Revenue from fundraising events may be used for general Group expenses, or may be reserved for a specific purpose (e.g. Jamboree).   The Scout Association does not receive any part of the funds raised by the Group.   If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to assist, please speak to your section Leader.



  • All Leaders are volunteers – no-one is paid to be a Scout Leader.   The group pays for Leader’s uniforms, training and registration. Leaders fund their own personal equipment. We are fortunate to have a group of very dedicated leaders and any support you can give them will be most welcome.
  • Scout Association administration and management costs do not come from your membership fees.   The Association generates its own funds through independent business activities and sponsorship.
  • The Beaumont Group Parent Committee is run by volunteer parents to manage the group’s facilities, organize fundraising, administer group finances and provide any other support for the leaders. The committee believes our fees represent excellent value for money.   If you have any questions about group administration, you are welcome to attend a meeting or write to the Group Leader.
  • We are fortunate to have a strong and active group but this relies on support from family and friends.   Ways you can help improve scouting at Beaumont and keep costs down are … help with fund-raising … working bees … donations of supplies … trade contacts … transporting children … join the parents committee.   If you have any ideas for us, please speak to a Leader or contact a committee member.
  • Rather than contribute their time or skills, some families choose to make a tax deductible donation – see notes above.


If you have a query or comment about the finances, administration or about Scouts in general, you can ... ask your child's Leader ... contact the Group Leader ... attend a Parents Committee meeting ... write a letter to hte committee ... or for payment & finance questions, contact the Group treasurer.

Andrew McCauley  

Jay Yang


Membership Officer

Group Leader

(m) : 0425 400 079

(m) : 0450 649 577


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