Over the years a number of Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers have gone on to attain the highest level of achievement for the their age group, and thier names are listed in the Honour Roll for the various sections.


Queen Award

The Queen Scout Award is the highest award available to Venturers, and members work towards it throughout their time with Venturers.

Queen Scout Award


Date Awarded Recipient
2015 Ian Begg
  Alex Macadam
  Samuel Abdilla
2014 Michael Goldfinch
  Jared Vanmali
2013 Mathew Ferris
  Lachlans MacKenzie
2011 Adam Begg 
1994 Laura McEwin
1987 Richard Hill
  Nicholas Marshall
  Ian Skrene
1986 Janet Lomman
1983 Neil Hutson
1973 Peter Brown
  Bryan O'Shaughnessy
1972 Timothy Trott
1968 Robert Watkins
  Paul Parsons
  James Swanson
1967 Michael Bleby
  James Trotter
1966 John Gebhardt
  David Frith
965 James Byfield
  John Marchant
1964 William Rungie
1963 Ivan Blanchard
  Hugh Levinson
1960 Barry Murley